Small Bathroom remodel with black wall paper aesthetic cost & details

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Small Bathroom remodel with black wall paper aesthetic cost & details

We are so excited to finally share the reveal of the Shop bathroom remodel! We started this project 3 years ago and the only thing left that is original is the floor. So here it goes guys! We are pretty proud of this chic modern bathroom! Get ready for some pictures and we are going to attempt the cost breakdown. 

First things first we have to show a picture of where we started & where we landed.

Small Bathroom remodel with black wall paper aesthetic cost & details

So here is where we started, the only thing we really had was the floor, lighting and vanity. We did have to replace the vanity top because our wonderful shop cat Pita decided to jump on the top and broke the mirror we had, the faucet and the vanity top. No worries though facebook market place to the rescue and found a beautiful new vanity top that we love even more! At least we had a clean slate to start with.

  We Love interior design and decor so we are always looking when we are out and about. Bold wall papers have made a real come back. So since we had an Etsy shop we figured we would start there and get a new fun bold wall paper to really make a statement! The wall paper we used from and etsy shop spoon flower She has so many good designs, it was hard to pick just one! Also super quick shipping. We actually ran out mid project and had to hurry up and order a little bit more, let me tell ya measure twice my friends because we get that step wrong often! =] as a side not we are still not brave enough to use peel and stick wall paper so we did do their original pre pasted. This was def. our splurge item on this bathroom, we knew that it would make a big impact and it will be here for a long time so we thought it was worth the investment. All together for what you see wall papered in the pic grand total was $449.76. We chose to just do a portion of the wall, we have 12ft ceiling so to save a little bit on the bill we chose to to some trim work to just do 4 ft sections.

   Next thing we did after we wall papered we started on the trim work. So to save a little bit of money we cut down full sheets of 1/2 inch MDF into 3" inch boards to trim the top and the bottoms of the wall paper and 2" inch boards for the batons (the trim pieces going up and down). A 1/2 sheet of MDF from lowes was $22 and that did the entire bathroom with no problem.

 Next was Paint Paint Paint!! For the trim color we chose was Portola paint color and had Sherwin Williams mix it up for us. (it was kind of hard to get them to mix this color, but if you insist the will) For the top wall color we use Bohemian Lace also by Sherwin Williams, we pretty much use it for every single project that we do! Absolutely love it, we call it the perfect white for any project! We did also paint the vanity, we bought it unfinished from a local shop to save some money because we wanted to choose the color anyways. That is paint color is Iron Ore from Sherwin William we also painted the door this same color. =]


Small Bathroom remodel with black wall paper aesthetic cost & details

 Sorry we can't share the flooring with you because Home Depot is not selling it online but I bet it is probably in the store. As for the rest of the breakdown here is goes.

-Paint, trim & wall color $70 ( we already had the black paint because that is what we use for our signs so if we had to buy that it would have been another $35)

-Trim was 1/2 MDF 4x8 sheet at lowes $22

-Wall paper Etsy shop Spoon flower $449.76

-Lighting, hardware and faucet were Amazon

-All the extras that we got like the toilet paper holder, basket on counter, trash can & bags, soap dish all are Amazon as well =] Here is a link that will take you to all the goods! 

  With the lighting hardware faucet and extras it was $368

-The top of the vanity we did score on a Facebook market place deal for $60 I was so excited! The Mirror I had from a previous project from a long long time ago.

We do always look for things like that on facebook market place first to try to save a little bit of money where we can, and we also like to use what we have if we can. So all in all this project ended up costing us approx. $975 from start to finish. We came in for just under $1000 which we don't feel is that bad for the impact that it made.


We Love you so much and are so Excited that you are here following along our journey! Much Love to you & God Bless

Small Bathroom remodel with black wall paper aesthetic cost & details







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