What we’ve been up to in March 2024

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Good day to you and happy Tuesday! I hope you’re looking forward to your Easter weekend. 

We thought we’d share what we’re up to this week. 

Working on a catchy phrase to tell the world that we can put words on whatever you’d like, tshirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, knit caps, tote bags, banners, wood signs, acrylic signs, dish towels, blankets, virtually any kind of fabric, wood, metal…
If you can dream it we can print on it.

We also have created pricing and a poster for gang sheet prints, this has been a long time coming as we’ve had our printer over six months (hahaha) sometimes being intimidated of a thing is such a hindrance. 

We created a new line of tshirts this past week, a simple style that we love, we’re usually drawn to the easy simplistic style of tshirt designs so these are right on trend for us.
Chosen Sweatshirt or dtf print / Chosen Hoodie / Christian Tshirts / Hoodies For Women Christian Apparel / Christian Clothing / Salted Words - Salted Words, LLC
Be still and know that I am God Sweatshirt or dtf print / Christian Tshirts / Hoodies For Women Christian Apparel / Christian Clothing - Salted Words, LLC

We also just completed our sixth week of sourdough sales, we offered our og loaves, cinnamon rolls, jalapeño cheddar, strawberries and cream cheese and our newest item was cinnamon sweet butter and let me tell you, it’s delicious and a perfect addition to our sourdough, toast a piece and slather on the cinna-butter! Yum yum!

And also on the sourdough front, we got a slicer (triumphant joyful clapping) it’s a game changer y’all! And it slices the bread so beautifully and makes it a little easier to make oneself a sandwich.
And, we offered half loaves this week as well and that was also a hit, our customers really liked that, we had several people order half loaves of flavors, it’s probably easier to try different kinds that way.

“She’s a beaut Clark!” (My favorite Christmas movie) 

March is also my birthday month, we had dinner together as a family and it was absolutely wonderful. It seems the older I get the more valuable time with my family is, the gifts are nice, the cake is good and a delicious dinner is wonderful but the family time is the most precious.

We’re also getting ready for our next market coming up in April, (dates to follow in our next news letter) we have lots of new vendors and new items ourselves as well as we will be setting up a sourdough installation with several favors of sourdough bread as well as cinnamon rolls, cookies, brownies, possibly pizza dough and maybe a few other surprises, I will also add that info in our next news letter.

We have set up a date for a door hanger party here at the shop that’s looking like it will be popular as we have numerous people showing interest in that, it will be in April as well.
Salted Words Sign party Door Hangers April 18th 6pm - Salted Words, LLC

We’re also getting ready to create some spring wall tapestries that we think will be a great addition to freshen up your home decor and they’ll not only be beautiful but also inspirational so we can’t wait to show you those as soon as we get them done. 

And, we booked our first wedding here at the SaltedWords. So terribly excited about that! Can you believe that we’re hosting a wedding here, pinch me because that feels like a dream.
I’ve been trying to keep thankfulness at the forefront of my mind and heart because God continually answers prayers.

It seems that March no sooner arrived and it’s nearly done, it has flown by so fast and I feel like I nearly missed it but it’s no wonder, as I’m typing this letter out to you I’m realizing that I’ve only scratched the surface of all we’ve done this month already and all that we’ve started and what we hope to start so however the saying goes “time flies when we’re having fun”
We must have had a fun month of March.

And until next time we meet, onward and upward, keep praying, keep dreaming and keep being thankful.

Jesus loves you.

Robin & Tracy aka SaltedWords

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