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Hi, welcome back to our blog, or welcome if it’s your first time, we’re so happy you’re here. We hope you find something encouraging and inspiring or maybe even something that challenges you. 

As I’m sure you know, we are sign makers, as you’ve certainly found your way here via our Instagram, Facebook account or met us in person at one of our monthly artisan markets but I’m not sure I’ve ever shared our reason for doing what we do, “our Why” so to speak. Maybe I can attempt to put it into words. 

We are lovers of art, creativity, Words, beauty, beautiful places, books, scripture, poems and quotes as well as wood, power tools, design, diy, education, travel, family, food and many other interests to lengthy to list and yet throughout our interactions within our interests we have been more inspired by beauty and words than anything else so it stands to reason that our Why would involve them both. 

So here is our Why summed up into a few short paragraphs (hopefully short). We love to make things beautiful and better than we found them and Words are where we landed as a career, hopefully I can bring this full circle.

Words are our speech, we think in words, they teach us and we are lead by them, words are valuable, Christ is called The Word of God made flesh, words are powerful beyond compare so it stands to reason that beauty and words should have a place together, we like to explore the places that words and beauty meet and we feel that one of those places is in functional home decor.

Functional home decor is the idea that we design our homes in a way that our things have a purpose, that each object in our home has a use, a function and they should also look good, have a cohesive feel throughout our home, and our wood signs are a part of that. They are reminders of important scriptures we want to remember, they’re ways to remind families that they belong to each other and a part of one another, they offer comfort, joy, memories, laughter etc.

It may seem trivial to have beauty around ones home but it’s not at all, designing a space can be a labor of love, it can be a way of showing our families how deeply they’re loved and cherished, a lovely home can offer feelings of peace, a safe haven, a place where one belongs and early long term memories are made. 

Think of this, if your children are raised in a home where the “Fruit of the Spirit” was hung to be seen everyday as they left the house there’s a good possibility that they would read them and memorize them and in turn those words would become a part of them, that’s a beautiful thought. 

Or what if there was a family name sign with an established date the members of that family would feel a part of something much bigger than themselves and that offers a sense of protection and comfort that can be felt wherever they are in the world. 

How about a “Family Rules” sign to mark important qualities and traits that a particular family adheres to, it’s a togetherness that’s deeply meaningful in the most beautiful ways. It could be that a Mother Teresa quote could have a grounding effect in a family’s thoughts and actions. 

I could talk about laughter is good medicine and a family that can laugh together has a way of lightening most any mood and can keep a family close in the most desperate situations. Funny quotes and sayings can serve beautiful purposes as well. 

I could go on and on but I think I’ve made our case as to our Why but the best reason is God gave us this business that’s all about words and beauty and we aspire to do all that He intended us to do, We don’t know all of it yet but we keep pressing forward to find out. 

Blessings to you, onward and upward. 






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