Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at Salted Words, LLC.
We are currently planning a monthly market curated by makers through Michigan.
  1. East Division Street Dowagiac MI 49047
The following agreement is entered into between Salted Words and
_____________________________________________________ (herein known as “vendor”).
Upon signing, the vendor agrees that their products are to be sold at Salted Words.
This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions of each
party in this agreement and the requirement that each party muct adhere to.
Products: The vendor must provide Salted Words with quality handmade products. The
products are referred to as those previously discussed in email or message correspondences
and approved at Salted Words discretion. At Salted Words, you are not given a
“booth space,” but rather your products will be curated throughout the store as Salted Words
 sees fit. The vendor may provide stock to be stored in the back to replenish the store as
items sell and are needed. It is likely for Salted Words to set forth a theme or season for
each market and the vendor should think ahead when planning for inventory.
Monthly Report: Salted Words will provide the vendor a Google drive document shared
between Salted Words and the vendor (this will be provided to you), which lays out items
that have sold for each month. Reports will be updated and distributed by each month end.
Consignment: A thirty percent (30%) consignment fee will be charged to vendors on all items
sold. This amount will be deducted from the monthly vendor payment. This fee covers all
overhead expenses including, but not limited to rent, utilities, credit card fees, marketing
materials, social media marketing, staffing, and maintenance.
Commitment: This agreement is a 3 month commitment starting from the date vendor agreement is signed.
 After any 3 month commitment, you may decide to
leave Salted Words. In the event you decide to leave, Salted Words requires a 30
day written notice by email to The notice must be received no
later than the 1st day of the 3rd month of the contract. Otherwise, this contract will
automatically renew for another 3 months. Salted Words reserves the right to terminate
this contract at any time.
Staging: Staging for each month will begin approximately 3 days prior to the monthly market. It is likely for Salted Words to set forth a theme or season for
each market and the vendor can adhere to that when planning for inventory.
Product Drop-off: Drop offs will start at the beginning of each month (days and times will vary
by month). Product may be dropped off to the store in Dowagiac, MI or shipped for each
given month. When the vendor drops product off, a product list must be filled out by the
vendor in a shared Google drive document between Salted Words and the vendor (this
will be provided to you). The product list must provide a clear indication of the description,
price, dimensions, and quantity of each product.
Sales Tax: Salted Words is responsible for the collection and payment of sales tax to the
State of Michigan. Vendors may NOT use Salted Words Tax Identification Number for
their personal use.
Payouts: The close of business on the last day of the month will be the end of sales for the
month. Vendor reports and payment will then be distributed by the 5th following the last day of
the month. 30% consignment fees will be deducted from the sales of the vendor. All vendor
payments will be distributed through check, paypal or venmo, which ever you prefer.
Pricing: The vendor must determine their own pricing.
Tagging: The vendor must tag all their own products. The tag must contain their vendor
identification number, description, price, and dimension of each product. Tags must be securely
fastened to the item but easily removable once purchased. Salted Words will then place
barcodes where they see fit onto the vendors tags.
Right of Refusal: Salted Words reserves the right to refuse any item the vendor brings in
whether the product does not fit the store’s aesthetic, quality, etc.
Liability: Salted Words is not responsible for any loss or damage of merchandise or
property from natural or unnatural causes such as theft, fire, flood, wind, rain, or any other
cause whatsoever. The vendor is responsible for obtaining their own insurance.
Form W-9: A form W-9 must be provided by the vendor at the same time of this agreement for
tax purposes and distributing Form 1099s at year end, if applicable.
Communication: Please join the vendor group page for Salted Words on Facebook
This is one way we will communicate. All vendors will be approved once agreement and w9
form is signed and returned.
Hours of Operation:
Thursday 10pm – 6pm
Friday 10pm – 6pm
Saturday 10pm – 6pm
On designated market weeks through out the year once a month
The monthly market schedule for the year will be determined and distributed by Salted Words
by the beginning of each New Year.
Address: _____________________________
Phone Number: _______________________
Email: _______________________________
Type of Merchandise: __________________
I, ___________________________________(herein known as “vendor”) on behalf of
_____________________________________ (“Business Name”), have read this agreement in
its entirety and agree to the terms and conditions of being a vendor at Salted Words.
_____________________________ ___________________
Vendor Signature Date
Vendor Printed Name
_____________________________ __________________