Learning how to Love Our People Well Tuesday Talk with Sheila Atchley

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Learning how to Love Our People Well Tuesday Talk with Sheila Atchley

We had a live IG conversation with Sheila this past Tuesday and of course it was delightful, inspiring, fulfilling as well as educational. This was our third convo with our lovely friend and she has yet to disappoint. 

Learning how to Love Our People Well Tuesday Talk with Sheila Atchley

We talked about the valley of decision as in Joel 3:14 

Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision” 

We make decisions daily, constantly, and the value in our decisions is monumental, they can take us to new heights or new depths, we can choose to rise or to fall and God allows us our decisions, it’s part of what makes us human, what God desires is that we make our decisions aligned with Him because if we aren’t aligned with Him than we run the risk of being against Him and when we go against God we don’t gain the victory but loose in defeat. 

God wants us to be victorious in our lives, He wants us to pursue Him, align ourselves with His ways because His ways lead to peace, beauty, joy, goodness, truth, delight and well being. 

Learning how to Love Our People Well Tuesday Talk with Sheila Atchley


Of the four topics we discussed with Sheila, which were loving our people well, beauty defies despair, the importance of our decisions and operating in the role of servant, I have leaned into loving my people well this week. It’s truly a gift to give AND RECEIVE love, we so often speak about giving love, giving gifts, giving affection, giving time etc. but in the giving we must also receive well or the gifts don’t complete themselves. I love thinking about this and making the effort to improve these attributes. Loving my people and being loved by my people.

Jesus said that all of the law and profits hang on these two “

“’Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’” and “‘love your neighbor as yourself’” 

My daughters and I have been talking about this very thing, the value of “Our People” yes we know we need to love God and yes it is crucially vital to our lives and actions and yet at the same time it is also crucially vital to love our people and to love our people well we have also got be able to be loved by our people. 

Something interesting that I’ve noticed this week is Taking down my protective barriers, maybe taking defenses down, putting offenses away, becoming vulnerable to God, becoming vulnerable to my people, allowing myself to be loved, allow myself  to love. Maybe we’ve become so accustomed to the world and it’s ways, it’s harsh ways that we don’t fully realize how destructive it’s ways are, it seems it’s time to turn around, turn away from the world’s ways and enter into God, His presence, His path, His love.

Its a beautiful thing to love well and also be loved well, it’s the beauty that defies despair, it’s the decision we’ll make to rise into God as well as operating in the role of servant, serving our people well is at the crux of Jesus mission on earth, He came as the suffering servant to show us the way to true abundant life. 

If you haven’t yet taken the time to watch our IG live with Sheila, I would highly recommend it, I believe it will bless you. You can find this conversation in our feed. 

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Robin and I strive to love you well, speak words of encouragement and wave the banner of Christ, if you need a prayer, a friend or a personal word of encouragement we’re happy to pray over you just send us a message. 

Blessings and Peace to you in the Name of Jesus, 

Tracy & Robin, SaltedWords🤍

*all artwork is Sheila Atchley and can be found @sheilaatchleydesigns on Instagram  

Here are some her her books! ♥️ 






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Learning how to Love Our People Well talk with Sheila Atchley

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