2019 in review

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  1. 2019 was year of contrast, big highs and ultra lows but we made it through better than when we started and we’ve learned a lot, we’ve been exalted as well as humbled and we’ve learned that God is in control of all things and His ways are so much better than ours and He always has a better plan. 

January & February We attempted to come to you live once a week on Instagram to bring the highlights of the week and what we were working on for the upcoming months. It was fun and we were faithful to it but as with some things, it sadly fell by the wayside but hopefully we can revive it this year. 

March & April we’re the moths for some great collaborations, we started with an influencer that became of our our friends and the sign she chose to have in her home became one of our best sellers for the year. Never underestimate the persuasion of a great Instagram influencer. We love you @floridaray 

May & June brought warmer weather and revived work in our building, we were able to get our main production room nearly completed over the summer which was awesome because what we didn’t know was we were going to need the space soon...

 I’m not too fond of heights but Robin doesn’t mind them at all so she took the lead on most of our higher  spaces and all of our ceilings in the building are 14 foot so she spent a lot of time on those ladders. 

July & August are the glory months around here, we love it outside and we have a pool so we try to get all the swimming in that we can with the grands and of course all the other outdoor activities to go with it. We live a half hour away from Lake Michigan as well so summers a chocked full of boating and we go camping as a family for our sons birthday celebration in July too. We love summer! 


We worked with some awesome T-shirt companies too and that was fun, it’s so much better to work together and share in our strengths to lift each other up. 

September was a huge moth for us, we collaborated with Jen @thesisterstudioig and it was an amazing opportunity for us! We had no idea what to expect but we were blown away by the outpouring of sales from her followers and we’ll never be able to thank her enough for her generosity. She is as beautiful as she is kind and we still follow her and buy all the things (well a lot of them anyway) she suggests. 

The end of September into early October we went to Barcelona, my three girls and I and I have no words to describe how wonderful it was, we got to spend four full days there and It was as beautiful a city as I could imagine ever seeing and every day since we got back I’ve thought about it I hope and pray we’ll be able to go back someday but for sure traveling has become a dream of ours and hopefully we’ll be able to visit some dream destinations in the future. 

October & November we spent most of our time moving into the building and completing Christmas orders, working on the building and doing Christmas shopping.

All in all 2019 was an awesome year. We spent a good portion of the year wondering if we would ever actually move into our building and then scrambling like crazy people moving in, planning a trip to Barcelona and finishing the busiest month we ever had and learning that God’s timing is so much better than our timing and the way that everything fell into place was so much better than our own plans for the building. 

December was an exciting month, I so thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas season, the music, lights, gifts, treats, food and family. Not to mention it was so nice to go through the Christmas sign making in the building with all the extra space! It was a joyful season all around. 

God bless you all! 2020 is a year of great things to come. 

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