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Tracy's Christmas House Tour

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Welcome, come on in and Merry Christmas you you!

Christmas is one of our favorite times of the year, we love to celebrate the birth of our Savior and give presents and all the food and family and fun, it's fitting that the biggest celebration around is Jesus Birthday!

I thought I would start with our tree, I was attempting "rustic glam" haha, If that is even a thing?? My intent was to do a neutral palette and use the green from the trees and wreaths, anyway, here we go...

The tree is a 9ft slim, the ornaments are pine cones, a burlap-ish top ribbon and silver, white and crystal type ornaments. I also have white doves on it that we made as well as some peace, joy and noel cutouts in silver and the tree is sitting in an old galvanized tub, my favorite part.

The four part art wreath on the wall is the newest addition to our shop, I am constantly changing my house and as I'm changing things I always have new art in mind, I hope you like it.

Here is a nice view of the living room, Robin gave me my Christmas present early ( a new rug) I love it! It's from USA rugs and it's soft soft and plush, I highly recommend it.

I put a real mixed pine wreath in the window, since our tree is "faux" I still like to have some fresh pine in the house to make it smell good, I bought them plain and added the burlap and pine cones and the little white feather trees are super cute with the sleigh.

We made this lovely little chalk board, I thought it would be a nice addition to write all of our holiday messages and greetings on.

I have several small trees that I sprayed with fake snow and they turned out really well, it ended up being about half to whole can per little tree, depending on its size if you would like to do the same.

The adorable sweater button pillow is from ikea, so is our sectional yay!! super excited about it! It only took me a year to talk the hubs into a white sofa and even though we have it I still don't think he's convinced, I think my only saving grace is that it's slip covers that can all be taken off and washed. But seriously, I love this sofa, it completes me! hahaha

This pic is a little blurry but I wanted you to see my Michigan pillow, it was favorite purchase from a craft show we recently were in, it has a little red button heart where we live.

Here is a close-up of the feather trees, these little guys were very easy and fast to make. I just rolled a piece of cardstock into a cone shape, taped it and hot glued on white feathers (kid craft white feathers)

I love love this pic, I had to add it. This is Matt 1:21, such a beautiful verse and one of my favorites. "Jesus is the reason for the season"

Yes, even the bedrooms get trees =]

Here's another mini tree, I love these little trees,  with some birch candle stick holders from Hobby Lobby with a galvanized bucket full of pine cones, Randee and I went all over our town finding different pine cones, it was quite fun! Randee also got me this wine rack and I painted the bottom a griege color and the top white and distressed it, I love San Pelegrino water bottles, and they're green so they fit right in.

This is my beautiful picture of Jesus that my mom drew for me for my birthday and the grandkids furry stockings.

And one last pic of our tree at night, I had to add it, it was so pretty. We were all here watching "It's a wonderful life" and it made me think of you all and the part you have all played in making our lives so wonderful! God's very best blessings and peace and joy from us to you! Merry Christmas, I hope you have a great one!

Robin's House tour

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Here is my house tour! (this is Robin by the way) I figured I would start out with some before and afters of when we first bought our house! We have come a long way! After I put these collages together I realized that we really have done a lot!

before and after 2small.jpg

So Here is the Actual start of my House tour!. This is my Living room slash Kitchen area. Before, I am still searching for a picture but there use to be a wall separating the two and as soon as we moved in we figured the wall had to go! It is made it so nice for us to all enjoy our time together in one big room. I have come to the conclusion that back in the 70's they really liked there walls!

This is The Beauty Shop!

I did in the past go to Douglas J. Aveda Institute and got my license, and since I solely do signs now I figured I needed my own space to still enjoy the art of doing hair!. We have made a lot of use out of this room since there are so many girls in my family this is our spot to come down and relax while I do all the work! Haha just kidding I love it down here as well! Behind the curtains is our sewing/craft room! But we had a lot of stuff going on back there so I thoughtI would spare your eyes the mess!

Here is just one lonely picture of my bathroom but, I love waking up to this it gives me motivation for the day =] I have a lot of updating to do in here so someday I will have before and after pics on here of this!

Here's my Bedroom. These two pictures I love so much, one is painted by my mom and one is painted by me. They are copies of the blue nude by Picaso.  Although they are very different from his (because he was amazing) but we though we would give it a try! =]

Whitney's Room. I just love her room, a lot of times I will just go in there and lay on the bed and stare at how cute it is! This room has so many things that people bought for her and were able to display in her room, She has done so much healing after losing Ryan she was just what our family needed as she is the first grandchild on my side of the family. She also joined into my niece's and nephews on Isaac's side of the family (my husband). Another cool thing, when I was pregnant for her my two sister in laws were also pregnant with babies as well so she has some very very close cousins!

Isaac & Cole's Bedroom. I had so much fun decorating this room for them. It is a tiny room but we managed to fit so much in here for them! I love the tribal theme that people are coming out with and I just had to have a little bit of it in my house! The closet did end up having a dresser in it for Cole, but I did some extra little things in there so they can still hang some stuff up! I do still want to add some more storage components in there but for now this is what it is! =] Also when we first moved in the little door in his room really creeped me out but now I love it the outside of the door is a chalk board so the kids can write on it and they play in there all the time. They Love it!

Well that is the end of my house tour! I hope you enjoyed and leave some feedback I am always up to doing something new! Thank you for looking!

Come see up the Wicker Houses 6th link party! =] Get inspired!

Come see up the Wicker Houses 6th link party! =] Get inspired!

2015 Fall House Tour

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Welcome to my Fall decor home tour, I hope you enjoy the festive view and find inspiration for your own fall decorating. I think we'll start in the dining room since that's where we started our last home tour. I thought about doing the house in all blue, white & ivory decor but the orange had such a nice pop that it won the debate.

So last year Robin, Isaac & I had a smashing pumpkins party and guess what? This spring Robin & Isaac had an abundance of tiny little pumpkin plants, Isaac really wanted to take them out but we persuaded him to keep them and now we have a harvest of pumpkins! I am pretty happy about it, I think that's the reason orange won for my fall decor color choice.

Who loves an old wood pedestal bowl! I do! I also love a great centerpiece, it seems to bring everything together. And what says fall better than some antlers, dried stems and feathers.

Remember how much I love pedestal bowls, they always fancy up anywhere they are, I put mini pumpkins in this one and the lantern turned out pretty cute with the black-eyed susans and stonecrop inside. The pineapple statue I got at a yard sale a few years ago, a pineapple is supposed to be a symbol of welcome and I love for everyone who comes over to feel welcome in our home.


Our kitchen, dining room and living room are all one big room so it all has to have a nice flow but still separate areas, it's always fun to decorate and the neutral palette is perfect, I can quick change just a few items for the season without changing everything.

Whenever possible I like to have fresh flowers in the house out of our gardens, these are lovely little asters with some more mini pumpkins.

I highly recommend terrariums, they always look so fresh and lively. These guys sit at the bar top and I always have something pretty and green to look at, not to mention they're the easiest plants I have.

Here is a closeup of the wreath, I wanted you to see the color of it, no matter what colors I have going on around here it always fits in somewhere. I also wanted to show off Miss Rosemary, she has been with me for over a year now and still looking and smelling gorgeous.

This is my new favorite little corner of the house, I got this pretty little chest at an adorable little shop downtown named Rosy Tomorrows, and the Harvest sign is brand new in our shop

Our console all dressed up with some pumpkins and a cozy sweater pumpkin.


I absolutely love this wreath, I made it from a grapevine wreath and a large bouquet of assorted eucalyptus and I attached with floral wire, three things & voila! a beautiful great smelling welcome wreath!

The Hubs is a hunter so he has several sets of antlers, he keeps telling me I can't have them but I do love them so, I just can't get enough.

Robin was very kind to me and made me these pretty orange pillows, I am a lover of pillows, our whole family tells me all the time there are way to many haha, but they're a great way to soften and add some color to the visual

The living room centerpiece has all sorts of goodies, several different candles, a princess pumpkin, don't you love it! and some fresh cut branches all sitting on a mirror for extra glow- fabulous.


This is our bedroom, I didn't do much in here for fall but Robin also made me these little cuties (more pillows) to bring in some orange and the two darling little twig wreaths & of course fresh cut flowers. If all I had to decorate with were fresh cut flowers and pillows I would be a happy girl!

The grand kid's playroom, I had to dress this room up a tiny bit, The grand kids love it all festive and I love them soooo much, I love to make them happy =]

So That's about all for this tour, Robin's house tour is coming soon so make sure you stop back by to check it out, I think you will love her house

I hope you have enjoyed our fall tour. Please stop back and visit often, we are working on lots of new things to add to our blog for your inspirational viewing pleasure =]

God's blessings and much love to you!

Tracy's House Tour

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Welcome to our house, we love company so come on in, make yourself at home and have a look around.

Our house is small but we raised our four children here and we have attributed our homes size to the closeness of our family. Sometimes God's greatest blessings seem small but turn out to be huge in disguise.

I thought I would start with our dining room, this is where we spend most of our time since we love to eat and share words, I thought it would be fitting to start here.

Our Dining Room

Our Dining Room

The living room

The living room

I attached two pics of the living room, I couldn't get it all in one shot, I thought you'd like to see our television and console and where we sit to watch the big black box, Papa Bear and the Grand kids are huge fans so it's usually always on, the only time it's off is when I'm here alone which isn't very often since this is where we work. If I do get a chance to be home alone I'm usually catching up on some long overdue reading.

Our brand new kitchen.

Our brand new kitchen.

I Love our new kitchen, the hubs is a great carpenter, he did this all and it turned out so beautiful. The only thing he has left to do is cabinets surrounding the fridge, he worked so hard on the whole project I thought I would lay low on asking when he's going to finish it. Someday I'll show you before and after pics.

The Grand kids playroom.

The Grand kids playroom.

I LOVE LOVE this room, we designed and decorated this room entirely from thrift shop finds, family hand-me-downs and hand made items. We made these roman shades, the toy box & the signs, they were the perfect finishing touch. This room is probably my favorite room in the house, not only is it adorable but it has two tall windows and when they're both open the most beautiful breeze flows through.

Salted Words office.

Salted Words office.

We are super proud of this room, the pic isn't so good but you can get the idea,Robin and I built this built-in desk. Someday I'll also add the before and after for this room, The transformation was amazing.

I don't know if you noticed but I did not add our master bedroom, our grand son was taking a nap and we don't wake up two year olds around here unless we have to! and I was already in the midst of doing this post so I didn't want to wait, so we shall add it later.


We hope you have enjoyed our tour and we hope you stop back soon!


much love to you