DIY Modern Chair Plans

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Materials List

KREG Jig  

Screw gun

3/8 drill bit

9/16 drill bit

3” exterior wood screw

6- 2x4s


Chop saw

Wood glue



Step 1. Cut down wood that you need, for each chair I used all 2x4’s 

4-22” pieces (tall pieces)

4-28” pieces (top piece)

3-24” pieces for back support, back seat support & front seat support

2- 26” pieces for side seat supports

Then I ripped down a 24” piece of 2x4 to 1” 2x to get the side pieces for the seat cushion support.



Here is a list of tools that I love and use pretty much every single time I do a project, and being me I am always up to something and these tools that I have invested in I am never said that I have. The power tools do get pricey but one thing that I wish I knew when I started buying them was to stick with one brand, That way you can buy just a couple of batteries and have then interchange then between the tools you have bought. Battery systems are expensive but if all of your tools use the same batteries it end up being a lot cheaper!

Amazon favorite tools!

Here are the seat cushions from Amazon that I have.  They are deep seat out door cushions, I actually got mine from Lowe’s and they were a little bit cheaper in person. ♥️



Link to see the full video of the build


Much Love to you




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