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DIY Build in bunk beds for the boys room / home decor / boys room / room decor ideas

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So, I will admit sometimes I do not know my limits. I had this thought that I did not want to try to fit two twin size beds in my boys little room. Their room measures at about 11x11 so there is really no room to spare. For weeks my husband and I talked about just buying bunk beds, or a day bed with a trundle and just none of those options seemed right to me. So, I knew that I couldn’t buy what I had in my mind so we just went for it. I pretty much had to rope in all of my loved ones in on this project lol. Right below is an inspiration board with every thing I knew that I wanted to be a part of this project. And also I just really like making inspiration boards. They are so pretty to me! I will also link every thing on here as well.


Above is a picture of what their room looked like when it was just a nursery. Not to proud of that situation, I totally forgot the rule about every thing being white lol!!


Here is my wonderful mother that loves me so much and loves all of my antics….. Most of the time.


FYI I am in no way shape or form a professional or contractor just a girl who knows kind of what she is looking for and trying to figure out how to achieve that. This is literally how we decided on the fact of how much room we needed in between each bunk… After the fact we had the bright idea of looking it up and we were pretty close to the size contractors recommend. So it was golden to me!


Here is the frame up and ready for some trim. Now a big part of this project was framing. I knew every thing had to be level so these measurement had to be percise. We took it apart a couple of times because we came to the conclusion the floor was not perfect. But we finally got it! I will also put every thing I used at the end of all of the pictures and measurements. One thing that I did learn in this project is that you can not count on all of your wall being square and perfect. So with any project to this scale a level is completely life saving.


All of the trim that I used is all white primered MDF board. They sell it in many different widths so that was a game changer for me so that I didn’t have to rip down a hundred boards. And they are surpisingly not expensive. And it made my job a lot easier.


Whitney was obsessed with helping me, I actually found out that the girl is really good with a drill lol. These are small pieces of 2x4 left over from the frame that I screwed of for support for the front piece of trim. Also another thing that was key in this project was 2 drills, one to drill pilot holes and one to drive screws. That was a game changer. We didn’t figure this out until half way through the project 😂


Now this part was a little bit tricky for me. I had to put firing strips on the top so I could glue and nail the piece of birch I put up there. Measuring this part was really important to you knew where to nail to make sure the piece of birch was secure. This is my least favorite part of this job. But i almost just didn’t do it and left it like it was with no piece of birch but I can not tell you how happy I was after the fact. I love going in there and looking at it! It does make it seem just that little bit more professional.


The lights were next. I did the same thing on the sides as I did on the ceiling. I put framing on the back so I could attached the piece of birch to it and let the cords of the lights fall behind that piece of wood. These lights are also amazing! I love them. They were very inexpensive from amazing, They are plug in wall lamps and I had a plug on this wall and just ran an extention cord from the top light down to the plug in and just ran the cord all the way down.


Oh I forgot to mention the window! Every one wonders about the window. Honestly I tried every other configuration to try to avoid putting them in front of the window but it just was not going to happen. I was worried about it but they have been done for a while and I have two boys that live in them and they never even mess with the window. And since I have gotten them finished I put a wood blind over the window so they dont even mess with it at all any more. Where I put the frame for the bed I just notched out the pieces of trim surrounding the window and it worked like a dream.. This is all trim on and I thought I would even get a little bit fancy and put a little bit of Crown molding up at the top. Let me tell you those two pieces of crown took me as long to that then it did to make the whole bed! lol. Not really but man for some reason I just could not get it right. I would try to explain to you the way that I actually finally figured it out but I would be kind of embaraced lol!! Also the bottoms of each bed are just 1/4 osb so the beds would not slide around. Also in this picture you can see that I used 1x2 white primed trim board all around the tops of the inside of the bunks because there were some gaps from where the birch met up. Could have been my measuring so maybe you wouldn’t need to??


Wha-laaaa…. All finished and ready to go! The bars on the top bunk are black conduit with conduit brackets holding them up. The boys think that it is a jungle gym but when they are not home I go in there and make their beds and just reminese in how awesome they turned out.

Okay now for a parts list here it goes


4 2x4’s depending on how tall your ceilings are mine were “108 pieces for the post holding the bed frames

4 2x4 80” pieces (twin beds are 75” long so I did “80 to be safe to be able to put bedding on

8 2x4 38” pieces for in between to make the width for the beds

I used pretty much 3” screws for all of the framing and then 4” screws to attach the frame to the wall


2 80x38” pieces of 1/4 birch for the top of both of the top and bottom bunk

2 80x38” pieces of 1x4 osb for the bottom’s of both bunks

3 38x36” of birch of the wall side birch filler in pieces I also filled in the bottom bunk left and right that is why i did 3 you do not have to fill in the other side if you do not want to.


7- 1X8X10 mdf primed trim borad for the fronts and the side

6- 1x2x10 mdf primed trim board I trimed all of the inside of the tops of the bunks in this

2 pieces of crown if you decide to go that route =] There is lots of styles to choose from too =]

2 10” pieces of conduit and 4 conduit wall brackets  


Lights were from amazon ONLY $16

Big metal letters were from hobby lobby

Light fixture is from Ikea, I can not find this one exactly but I found one that is close

Rug from RugsUSA 6x9

Target twin sheets

Target twin bedding