Salted Words


Divine Clarity

Tracy SaylorComment

As my thoughts are carried on wings in the wind I have a sparkling hope for the future.

I am thankful, grateful & blessed.

It's Saturday afternoon and we got to take a nap, ahhh...I believe Saturdays were made for naps. I awoke to a soft tapping on the window, the window was open and the shade was blowing and tapping the window.

There was a small opening on the side of the shade's fabric and I could see the most beautiful clear blue sky and green leaves just a bit so I stayed there enjoying the breeze flowing in and out. I was hoping to see a glimpse of fall color, as it is October 25. As I waited in expectation soon the breeze blew the shade open a little more and a tree in full fall glory showed itself in the distance; it was a beautiful picture, I didn't want to get up. It was a generous gift from God, I was immersed in this slight but powerful view.

In what would seem insignificant was a moment of divine clarity, a clear vision of hope.

Today was the day we met with Melissa, our web designer, YAY YAY! exciting. We are embarking on a whole new adventure! But...when we got home from our meeting my mind was spinning like a whirlwind going round and round.

So my gentle wake up was well appreciated.

Thank you Jesus for the little things.