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Dining room weekend make over / Before and afters / Dining room reno /

D I YRobin Saylor

Okay so here is a little before and after action. Everyone who knows me knows I love my weekend projects! This is one that I was so excited to do. I do not get these weekends very much where I actually accomplish what intend to but I was on it this weekend. Having three kids sometimes really puts a wrench in your plans lol. This is one of those projects that looks like a lot of work went into it, but it was not bad at all. Putting the chair rail up made the wall paper job super easy because I had such a short amount of space to do, then throw some paint on and put some covers on and there ya have it.


Here is the before picture. The main things I did was add some chair rail, which is surprisingly very easy to do and leaves such a finished look. Added wall paper, and stained the bench all one color to match the table. The bench, I built last year and I thought that I would love it two toned but It just wasn’t working for me. Doing it all one color made me love it so much more! Also I got these chair covers on amazon and they are awesome. They are a universal fit and they fit so snug they look like they are just part of the chairs, And they are cheap! 4 covers for $34 or 6 for $44😱 In the link below it will take you to the exact ones that I bought you can choose 4 or 6. If you do a general search you can spend hours looking, -That is what I did ha.


Mr. Sandy really wanted to be photographed! I swear he poses for pictures! 😻 I love him! Do any of your cats love to be in pictures. I thought that it was a little weird at first but he is so cute I love that he pops his little head in for a quick shot!


The true piece to resistance is the mirror! I wanted a large round mirror for the longest time and finally my sister cracked for Christmas and got it for me!! I was so so happy I went back to my child years getting all excited like Santa came just for me!! Sometimes my kids just catch me standing at the island gazing into the dining room in la la land 😂 I wonder what they think sometimes! Actual no I do not, I would probably get my feelings hurt!


So there you have it. It took me some time to get to the point to actually start on this project but I am so happy it is done now. I would love to hear what you think! Comment and let me know! =]

Things used for this make over 

round mirror - Mine came from hobby lobby and it is 30” round I can not find a link for this exact one but I will link a similar one 😉 

wall paper- amazon company world of wallpaper  

chair covers - amazon $34 🙌

Rug- nuloom rugs  

light fixture- rivet by amazon  

bamboo roman shades

Because Jesus eats with everyone leather strap sign from salted Words