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Even though we are Keto we still love a scrumptious sweet dessert every once in a while and these are probably my favorite concoction to date. 💛 


This has fresh squeezed lemon juice and lemon zest as well. You can use a hand held grater or one that stands on it own, whatever you have will work. 


I should warn you, these are delicious and you may want more than one but you should use your will power and only have just one, the first time I made these I had two and a half and I would have had more but I reclaimed my sanity real quick and held back. 


I created the crust to be not just tasty but healthy as well and it is! You can eat this by the spoonful but don’t 😂 use restraint. 

Also add a dash or two of hymalayan pink sea salt and also 1/4 c of unsweetened coconut flakes to this crust mixture, it’s not listed above🤷🏼‍♀️ Sorry. It’s important to add it and I’ll tell you why at the end.

I measured out two and a half tbsp to each cup and it came out nearly perfect


so I’m going to confess a little secret, this pudding mix has sweeteners that are not techically Keto, well the Keto style that we follow, but we eat them in moderation (about every 10 days) but one of the amazing things about Keto is that you gain a lot of will power so it’s totally doable to only have sweets like this every once in a while. 


I have become a fan of stabilized whip cream, it keeps its shape so these can be made really pretty and they’ll stay that way and it’s important for me to make my food pretty as well as taste good. And then I top them with lemon zest and it adds an additional bit of brightness in looks and taste. 


Here’s the whole recipe so that you can use it as your shopping list ready and it makes 10 cups, I used the clear solo brand cups or you could stretch it out further and get smaller cups or little bowls, however you want to make it is up to you. 

If you’re going to check the macros it’s important to know how many this recipe will make so that you can get an accurate carb/calorie/nutrition count  per serving. 

Something that I’ve noticed about Keto sweets recipes is that the sugar substitutes that we use have a bit of an off taste, maybe an after taste of sorts or an overly sweet flavor, but if there something bitter in the recipe to counter that then it tastes much better and in this recipe I used the coconut and pecans in the crust to balance the sweetness of the swerve. 


This is our first ever Keto recipe, we hope you love it as much as we do💛