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Tracy's Bedroom Makeover

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Hi Lovlies! I have missed you :) I hope you had a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year. We have been busy little worker bees over here, changing it up! I feel like if I look at something in my house to long it has to be changed, refreshed, something different lol. anyway, here we go. I hope you like this blog addition, I had the idea of layering or "dressing" my room. So, the pics are one step at a time, you know for dramatic effect. ha!

Here it is all stripped down to its skivvies. Strangely, I kindof liked this, probably because after Christmas decor is taken down I turn into a minimalist.

So here are the new blinds, they're just Lowes in stock matchstick bamboo roll-up blinds. They are super easy to put up and they look great, they give that warm and comfy homey feel. They were less than $15-, totally worth it. You can't see very well in this pic, the sun was out in full force today and much appreciated I might add. Winters in Michigan can get a little sun-less at times so when the sun decides to come out we don't complain.

We're getting a little prettier, a little more dressed up! The curtains are Vivian from Ikea, $10- a pair, can't go wrong with them. The curtain rods are from Lowes, they are less than $15- for the complete 4ft set; rod, decorative ends & brackets.

Now it's looking good! This beautiful bedding has somewhat of a story behind it. I was over at the glorious Anthropologie and fell head over heals in love with their bedding, I think you can close your eyes and point and end up with something fantastic but... Well the hubs would not have appreciated it if I would have spent what that beautiful bedding cost so I decided that it wasn't the only bedding in the world, Right? ok so, I was just doing a little online window shopping one day and came upon a Joss and Main ad and guess what? They had this beautiful bedding extremely similar! It's made by Natori and it was a fraction of the cost of Athropologie. I am not knocking Anthropologie, I am all heart eyes over all of their bedding I'm just not a fan of arguing with my hubs over spending what he would call a fortune over bedding and if I change my mind it won't be so bad. wink, wink.

Here's a little bit of a gallery style frame group, they're just sitting on the ledge rather than hanging on the wall but I think it turned out nice. Two of these are prints from a shop on etsy ExpressivePaintings, she does amazing work, I have quite a few of her prints. The In Christ is also a print that we made, it'll be available on here as a free printable. The adorable little boy is our son when he was about 4, he was fishing in the yard, haha.

This is my little creation that I just got done making, The tutorial will be on here as well. Every morning I look at this wall so I figured I would put something useful here. I have my prayer list, a bible verse for the week and a good thought for the week. I think if I leave them up all week and look at them every morning they should sink in. There is no better way to start the day than with Jesus, He makes my days amazing! These will also be available as free printables for you!

This is a side view but I wanted you to see it because I love the green lamp, wreaths and tray. I didn't want a lot of color in here but I did really like these items. They are all things I have had for a long time, if I really like something it tends to stick around, just in different areas around the house.

Here is the completed room! It turned out really pretty, if I do say so myself ;) It has a quiet feel to it I think. I always have liked a serene feel in my bedroom and the times that it hasn't been I'm just changing things around and redecorating until it feels serene again. I hope you have enjoyed this, I certainly enjoyed doing this make-over!

The gray under bedding is from, The pom pom blanket is from Hobby Lobby, The frames are from Hobby Lobby, The merciful God sign is ours it can be found in our shop. All the rest is thrift shop finds or family hand-me-downs or things I have had for so long I can't remember where they came from :)

Much love and blessings to you,