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It's not about me

Tracy & RobinComment

It's ALL about God. He is the way, the only way that we can walk in peace and joy and contentment, and after all isn't that what we all search for in this journey called life. When I give my self to God, He makes life amazing & exactly what it's supposed to be. I have tried so many times to get it right and I cannot, only God can, He sent us Jesus so we can get it right through Him. I heard someone say that we are "hardwired" to God, He is our creator, we need Him because He is the one who gave us Life, and this is why unless we have Him we we aren't really living, this statement made perfect sense to me. God is absolutely who I have searched for every single day of my life, whether I have realized it or not,  God is the only One who makes me whole. To walk with The Light is the only way to be in The Light, I need The Light, I cannot survive without Him.

I'll tell you a "my heart healing" story. This was the beginning, the very now and always present in my life. I gave my heart to Jesus 14 years ago, because "911" terrified me out of my ever-loving mind, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat or barely function at all! My mind was shaken to it's core and all I knew was I desperate for relief for myself and more importantly my children, I knew they needed their mom all in. So I marched myself with my four children in tow to the nearest church I could find, after three or four weeks we all got baptized and I felt safe for real safe for the first time in my life. I stayed true to God for a year, He healed my heart and my mind, my fear went away and I was at peace with Him, God taught me to fear Him and Him alone, He is in control of ALL things, and the fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom. Then slowly I started to "backslide" but... God is married to the backslider! Praise God Almighty, Hallelujah! I still prayed but, you know how it goes... Then 7 years later my husband started going to church, this time he took our children! Wow (that's a story for another time) and he wanted me to go with him, I didn't want to go (that's also for another time), but I did go to make him happy. Jesus didn't take long to pull me to the alter of forgiveness, nearly kicking and screaming in my mind, really! He wouldn't leave me in my miserableness, it didn't matter to Him that I didn't want to be there, He is a mighty Savior. Jesus knew we were going to need him more, so much more than we ever had.  Our world was getting ready to be shaken so drastically and deeply that every other issue in our lives paled greatly in comparison, we could have never lived through it had it not been for God. Our beloved son was in a car accident just a few short months later. The only comfort I have is knowing that our son is now with Jesus, We say Ryan is in the ministry with our Lord now. It has been 7 years since then and I still miss Ryan as much as the day it all happened, I still cry like a baby daily and don't ever anticipate that being any different but with God we will be reunited with our son and that is amazing, Ryan just got to meet Jesus face to face sooner. That makes me smile, even though my heart is broken,  a broken vessel lets the Light in.

That has been 7 years ago and through these past 7 years God has taken me on a spiritual whirlwind of a journey to say the least. He has taught me that He is in charge of ALL things and it's ALL about Him. No matter what, It's ALL about God and I am thankful that He is everything to me. This scripture comforts me, I am attaching the first verse but I would encourage you to open your bible and read it in it's entirety.

Psalm 34

34 I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.