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Wake up Tracy

Tracy & RobinComment

Wake up Tracy! It is within me to do well, to make good choices and to live a life of promise, I am a child of God and that is amazing, Christ lives within me and I can do all things through Him. This is such a powerful way of thinking, praise God! 

I really needed these thoughts today, everyday, although I don't always succeed with these lovely thoughts God is reminding me more often and the gaps are getting shorter in between. 

Today was tax day, yuck! Although it was stressful and I didn't handle it as well as I would have liked, that still small voice softened my mood and I am left this evening at peace. We still have a tax bill and we still have more issues to address, I have a God that is far greater than any of these things! So as I was stewing and pouting about these things that altered my entire state of being today I was sweetly reminded to wake up and "give unto Cesar what is Cesar's and give unto God what is Gods." (It would be amazing to go find the fish with my portion in its mouth!) But, I will pay my portion and give God all my love, devotion and trust, that is rightfully His. 

So all in all I am thankful and blessed. 

Much love, Tracy