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Robin's House tour

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Here is my house tour! (this is Robin by the way) I figured I would start out with some before and afters of when we first bought our house! We have come a long way! After I put these collages together I realized that we really have done a lot!

before and after 2small.jpg

So Here is the Actual start of my House tour!. This is my Living room slash Kitchen area. Before, I am still searching for a picture but there use to be a wall separating the two and as soon as we moved in we figured the wall had to go! It is made it so nice for us to all enjoy our time together in one big room. I have come to the conclusion that back in the 70's they really liked there walls!

This is The Beauty Shop!

I did in the past go to Douglas J. Aveda Institute and got my license, and since I solely do signs now I figured I needed my own space to still enjoy the art of doing hair!. We have made a lot of use out of this room since there are so many girls in my family this is our spot to come down and relax while I do all the work! Haha just kidding I love it down here as well! Behind the curtains is our sewing/craft room! But we had a lot of stuff going on back there so I thoughtI would spare your eyes the mess!

Here is just one lonely picture of my bathroom but, I love waking up to this it gives me motivation for the day =] I have a lot of updating to do in here so someday I will have before and after pics on here of this!

Here's my Bedroom. These two pictures I love so much, one is painted by my mom and one is painted by me. They are copies of the blue nude by Picaso.  Although they are very different from his (because he was amazing) but we though we would give it a try! =]

Whitney's Room. I just love her room, a lot of times I will just go in there and lay on the bed and stare at how cute it is! This room has so many things that people bought for her and were able to display in her room, She has done so much healing after losing Ryan she was just what our family needed as she is the first grandchild on my side of the family. She also joined into my niece's and nephews on Isaac's side of the family (my husband). Another cool thing, when I was pregnant for her my two sister in laws were also pregnant with babies as well so she has some very very close cousins!

Isaac & Cole's Bedroom. I had so much fun decorating this room for them. It is a tiny room but we managed to fit so much in here for them! I love the tribal theme that people are coming out with and I just had to have a little bit of it in my house! The closet did end up having a dresser in it for Cole, but I did some extra little things in there so they can still hang some stuff up! I do still want to add some more storage components in there but for now this is what it is! =] Also when we first moved in the little door in his room really creeped me out but now I love it the outside of the door is a chalk board so the kids can write on it and they play in there all the time. They Love it!

Well that is the end of my house tour! I hope you enjoyed and leave some feedback I am always up to doing something new! Thank you for looking!

Come see up the Wicker Houses 6th link party! =] Get inspired!

Come see up the Wicker Houses 6th link party! =] Get inspired!