Salted Words


God's little gifts.

Tracy & RobinComment

Moments of peace and joy are highly sought after states of being for me.  In the moments that God releases a poem or pure thought in my mind it is peace and joy overflowing.  I do not have words to describe what that feels like, other than heavenly gifts.

One of my hopes for Salted Words is to share some of the poems that God has given me.I hope You find peace and joy in these little messages from up above.

Be blessed today and every day.

What will be.

In dreams without end
and days with no start
the colors we'll see
the most beautiful art

our hearts will be mended
no tears to fall
hope will be visualized
when we hear the great call

we'll sparkle and shine
throughout all our being
we'll be like our maker
and see what He's seeing

Hallelujah! Amen!
Praise God and the Son
we'll have no worries
we will have all won


Much Love, Tracy